15 Bowes St Development Application

Although the Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) supports development and investment in Woden we do not support this residential development for a number of reasons, including overshadowing of the east west pedestrian spine and the lack of compliance with the Woden Town Centre Master Plan and the draft variation to the Territory Plan for the Woden Town Centre.

The Master Plan provides for 12 storey buildings in the area of the 15 Bowes St development, while the draft Territory Plan provides for 16 storey buildings, if certain conditions are met. This proposal is seeking approval for 2 residential towers, 16 and 25 storeys that clearly do not align with these planning documents.

It is recommended that the Government does not approve the proposed development and instead considers a development on the empty block to its south, with reduced height, in the context of designing land use outcomes in the precinct, including consideration of integrated planning with the light rail project.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://williamsonau.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/15-Bowes-St-WVCC-Submission-June-17.pdf”]

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