ACT Government Indoor Sports Report

On 14 June 2019 the ACT Government released its Planning for Indoor Facilities and Other Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Report (the Report). The link to the Report is here

The report finds:

  • Basketball ACT – to explore further provision of basketball facilities in the Belconnen region.
  • Capital Football – the ‘Home of Football’ in Throsby will include indoor futsal courts, funded in the 2019 Budget
  • Gymnastics ACT – to scope a new State Training Centre in Belconnen
  • Pursue opportunities for partnership with an ACT Government school/college to deliver a multi-purpose indoor sport & recreation facility in Gungahlin.
  • Consider options to develop an indoor sport & recreation facility in Woden at an existing ACT Government school/college.

The Woden Valley Community Council does not support the recommendation for Woden. The Report finds that Woden has a comparatively moderate population (36,003 by 2036), low projected growth, and a significantly higher median age than the ACT as a whole so developing shared use indoor facilities in schools would offer a more effective solution given budget limitations.

The report also fails to acknowledge that the Woden Town Centre services multiple districts with population forecasts in the ACT Planning Strategy 2018 being: Woden (49,200), Weston Creek (33,200), Molonglo (51,400) and South Canberra (40,300) bringing the catchment for the Woden Town Centre to 174,100 people by 2041.

Indoor sports facilities are for the whole community, for all ages and abilities and should be located in the broader community. A multi-purpose sports stadium can:

  •  improve physical health, mental health, grow personal development, strengthen our communities
  • grow the economy in Canberra’s south — providing jobs and activity to the centre of Woden with the flow on benefits to small business.
  • bring people of all ages together and inspire and motivate individuals while also fostering community pride.

The use of school halls does not facilitate the whole community feeling connected to the asset and sporting groups have difficulty with access and storage at school sites.

Woden is an ideal location for community facilities as it is centrally located and on the north south and east west public transport alignment making it accessible to communities across Canberra

Woden Town Centre has been identified for higher density living and a multi-purpose sports facility contributes to creating a contemporary urban precinct that promotes health and well-being at the grass roots level.


The demolition of Woden’s basketball stadium and closure of the CIT has left a shortage of indoor sports facilities for competition and training across the south of Canberra.

The Report responds to the 2016 Parliamentary Agreement between Labor and the Greens to undertake feasibility studies into the construction of multi-purpose indoor sports centres in Woden and Gungahlin.

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