ACT Population Projections 2017 to 2020

ACT’s demographic structure by suburb has changed considerably over time as a result of the ACT Government’s land release program and the introduction of new suburbs in the Territory.

Weston Creek’s population is projected to decline by 7 per cent; Tuggeranong’s population to decline by 3 per cent and no population growth is expected in Woden.

On the other hand, Cotter-Namadgi’s population is projected to grow by 139 per cent; Gungahlin’s population is projected to grow by around 19 per cent; North Canberra’s population is projected to grow by 8 per cent; South Canberra’s population expected to grow by 5 per cent; and Belconnen’s population projected to grow by 3 per cent.

Why is the south of Canberra experiencing negative population growth when the north is growing? This trend has been happening for some time so what is causing it.

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