ACT Urban Woodland Rescue

Fowles St Weston

From Barren to Beautiful; A Stunning Transformation of a Local Canberra Park using a Sustainable Woodland and Meadow Method. 

Join us for an inspiring presentation (on 3 November 2021) by Alice Hathorn  about the method used by local Landcare group ACT Urban Woodland Rescue to create a stunning transformation in a suburban park in Weston Creek, from barren and weed infested to biodiverse native woodland meadow. Learn about the pivotal role our original local trees play in our landscape, why our local parks will not survive without our gardens and how you can apply the method yourself.

Alice drew on scientific research and consulted leading academics from the ANU and leaders in the field of natural restoration practices to create the woodland and meadow method.

The method is designed to restore biodiversity and ecological function to urban parks and gardens and this year it is producing spectacular results.

The woodland and meadows method can be applied to small or larger areas. Simple organic and evidence-based strategies to manage weeds, encourage natural revegetation, repair soils and slow water flows are used. This protects our mature and hollow bearing trees.

The team have recorded species like Gang-gang Cockatoos, Tawny Frogmouths and microbats. It provides an opportunity for residents to engage more deeply and personally with nature and helps to promote the use of local woodland flora species in people’s gardens.

The project also provides opportunities for children to engage in nature play.

The link to the presentation –


  1. Hi Anne

    Thank you for your interest in this presentation – it was at our 3 November meeting.

    It is a fantastic project and the woodland is wonderful.

    I have put a link to the presentation at the bottom of the article.

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