Amended WOVA proposal – submissions close 5 September 2018 Geocon applies to subdivide block – this will provide an additional 4 storeys on another tower.

Amended WOVA proposal – submissions close 5 September 2018

Geocon applies to subdivide block – this will provide an additional 4 storeys on another tower.

The WVCC welcomes the changes to the WOVA development but believes there are some further improvements to the design to be made.  WOVA is a significant development and it is important that great outcomes are delivered to the Woden community.

It is not clear why Geocon is applying to subdivide the block apart from the benefit of an additional 4 storeys on another residential tower.

Unfortunately submissions close on the same day as Woden’s public meeting, 5 September 2018, so the WVCC is not provided an opportunity to discuss this significant development with the community. A request to extend the period for submissions was declined by the ACT Government.

The WVCC provides the following comments about the amended DA that could be considered for a submission

  • The 24 storey building should be on the south east part of the block to reduce overshadowing of both the development itself and IP, and to further reduce shadowing of residents;
  • The block should not be subdivided. The DA does not provide a reason for dividing the block. The precinct code allows one tower on each block to be increased by four storeys (from 12 to 16 storeys) so the benefit of subdividing is an additional four storeys.The block on Melrose Drive should be 12 storeys to align with the Master Plan.
  • The DA should include traffic measures
  • The quality of the asthetic value of the facades should be retained, it is not clear why they have been changed.


  • Previous consultation – Geocon attended a WVCC public meeting after the submission period for the original DA had closed.
  • 30 July 2018 – an amended DA was submitted moving the 24 storey building from the Melrose Drive to the north east corner of the block, seeking to subdivide the block and changing the façade.
  • 14 August 2018 – Minister Gentleman notified the Legislative Assembly and the public that he had approved DV344. We were advised by Ms Le Coutuer MLA that Geocon had submitted an amended DA.
  • 16 August – invited Geocon to attend the public meeting on 5 September to discuss the amended DA – no response has been received from Geocon at the date of this email.
  • 19 August 2018 – WVCC requests an extension to the representation period because we, and Bellerive residents, were unaware of the amended DA. This is a significant development and time is required to consider the 205 attachments in the proposal.
  • 23 August 2018 – request for extension declined because the amendments do not contribute to, or increase, the impacts of the proposed development on the surrounds, but rather they mitigate impacts.

Interestingly the building is supposed to mark the entrance to Woden, however the perspective drawings play down the impact of the building on the streetscape. It is difficult to see the building in this picture.

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