Canberra Spatial Plan 2003

By the time this article appears, the Minister for Planning will have launched the Canberra Draft Spatial Plan. Woden Community Council hopes that Woden – and the other satellite town centres – get fair treatment, and are not left to wither on the vine as Civic gets all the attention; or there is some other digression.

Of all the satellite town centres, Gungahlin has certainly been the most shabbily treated. We look to the ACT government to give emphasis to completing the general “Y” plan upon which Canberra is based. No plan is ever set in concrete, but chopping and changing for no particular reason does not allow for well-planned infrastructure or community or business development.

Woden Town Centre has a lot going for it. It is centrally located, its buildings make a bold statement in a beautiful valley, it has good inter-town transport links, it has good business and shopping facilities, office buildings are being upgraded or renewed, sporting grounds and amenities are mostly good, the general landscape architecture and surrounding parks are pleasing, and residential development in the town centre will, we hope, bring even more pluses.


Its community and cultural facilities are however very wanting. We have no Cultural and Arts Centre? We have no Town Hall? We have no large conference or community meeting rooms? (The Clubs go part of the way in filling this gap, and they are to be complemented.) Our Community Service is struggling in an inappropriate building, hidden behind other buildings, with two parking spots for some 170 staff.

With some emphasis on the satellite towns in the Spatial Plan it is possible that some of these deficiencies can be addressed. Our Council is hosting an information and feedback evening on the Draft Spatial Plan 13 November, 6 – 8.00pm at the Woden Community Service in Corinna St . All are welcome.