Planning Princples

Population growth and environmental impacts from urban sprawl are leading to densification in our town centres. While the WVCC supports development, we want it to be done well.

WVCC Planning Principles

  • put people at the centre of urban design to support physical and mental health
  • live, work and play locally philosophy
  • jobs and major facilities (healthcare, education, cultural and recreational facilities) located centrally, enabling walkable town centres that are accessible within 30-minutes by cycling and public transport leading to a reduction in car dependency
  • encourage social interaction by creating liveable streets where people want to be – with a central civic heart for al fresco dining and community events
  • support small business
  • maintain our bush capital and waterways connecting biodiversity
  • connectivity within the district and to employment centres across Canberra.

Woden Town Centre Catchment

The following map shows a 1km to 5km radius rings from the bus interchange.

This demonstrates that:

  • there are areas of Weston Creek and Inner South that are closer the Woden Town Centre than parts of Woden eg Farrer.
  • the Woden Town Centre services a large area.


  • the pink dots show groups centres and local shops
  • the orange dot is the hospital
  • the blue lines are the major arterial roads accessing the Town Centre from across the region.

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