The Melrose – opposite A&A

This 10 storey (90 apartments) development is the first of 4 towers – 480 apartments in 3 residential towers and 1 commercial tower. The lease requires the provision of 5 community housing dwellings, 10 public housing dwellings and 74 affordable homes. While the affordable homes are required to be provided …


The Coronavirus pandemic has briefly pushed pause on our busy cities. Will things go back to the way they were before COVID-19? Not necessarily and maybe they shouldn’t. This might be the opportunity to step back and re-imagine. What do we want our cities, towns and neighbourhoods to look like in the next 20 years.

“Petition – Reduce N12 and N10 building heights and preserve all existing open green space in Arabanoo Park

Please support members of our community who will be impacted by the overwhelming scale of the N12 (Block 13 Section 81) development on the corner of Easty and Wilbow Streets in Phillip[1] at (petition number 025-18).

Housing Choices Discussion Paper – Presentation

The Government is investigating whether the housing needs of the Canberra Community are currently being met and how they can be better met in the future. The aim is to provide more flexible better housing choices and to encourage quality residential buildings. A discussion paper was issued last month as a basis for community …

Revamping Woden

Today Geocon announced the construction of 4 residential buildings (one 24 storeys) on the Tradies Club site in Woden. Although the WVCC supports development in the Woden Town Centre, we will seek to ensure great outcomes and the social and economic benefits residents of Woden deserve. We will ask for information, inter alia, on overshadowing, privacy of balconies, car parking, traffic impacts and the capacity of the local schools to cater for the growing population. The development will be discussed at our next public meeting on Wednesday, 1 November 2017, at 7pm at the Southern Cross Club. We will ask Geocon if they can attend to respond to questions from the community.