Inquiry into planning for SPIRE – submissions due by 14 February 2020

The $500 million Surgical Procedures, Interventional Radiology and Emergency (SPIRE) is a much needed acute care facility for Canberra and the surrounding regions and the WVCC supports its construction on the Canberra Hospital campus.

It is important that this acute care facility is located to achieve hospital wide patient flows as the hospital is developed to meet the health needs of the growing population. Effective patient flows improve health outcomes and provide a better experience for patients and staff.

Reconsideration of the expansion of the Woden Cemetery into Eddison Park

The Woden Valley Community Council is very happy to inform you that the Inquiry into the Management of ACT Cemeteries recommended reconsideration of the extension of the Woden Cemetery into Eddison Park.

We thank everyone in the community that attended the WVCC public meeting and let their views be known and those who provided a submission to the Inquiry.

Invitation for Public Submission – draft variation to the Territory Plan

An invitation to make a written submission to the Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal inquiry into Draft Variation to the Territory Plan No. 344: Woden Town Centre: Zone changes and amendments to the Phillip precinct map and code by 15 September 2017.