“Petition – Reduce N12 and N10 building heights and preserve all existing open green space in Arabanoo Park

Please support members of our community who will be impacted by the overwhelming scale of the N12 (Block 13 Section 81) development on the corner of Easty and Wilbow Streets in Phillip[1] at https://epetitions.act.gov.au/CurrentEPetitions.aspx (petition number 025-18).

Amended WOVA proposal – submissions close 5 September 2018 Geocon applies to subdivide block – this will provide an additional 4 storeys on another tower.

The WVCC welcomes the changes to the WOVA development but believes there are some further improvements to the design to be made.  WOVA is a significant development and it is important that great outcomes are delivered to the Woden community.

Expansion of the Woden Cemetery

The Woden Valley Community Council is seeking a commitment from the ACT Government to a long term solution to the burial needs of the community rather than the permanent loss of 3 hectares from Eddison Park. In light of future population growth from densification, a review of the requirements for …