Chairs Report – AGM 2013

Annual General Meeting 2012-2013 – 6 November 2013 – Chair’s Report

2012-2013 was another busy year for WVCC, in which we have reflected and represented community views on a wide range of issues.

Once again, the committee worked very hard – despite our small numbers we kept up a high work-rate.[teaserbreak]

Our meetings (to November 2013)

Our monthly meetings featured a wide range of presenters and issues.

  • During 2012-2013, Rod Baxter (LDA) presented updates (on a number of occasions) on the redevelopment of the Woden Bus Interchange.
  • We welcomed Minister Shane Rattenbury who spoke on transport issues, both from a portfolio and a Green perspective
  • We welcomed Minister Joy Burch who spoke on her wide-ranging portfolio issues.
  • We initiated a local member’s spot, to which Steve Dozspot and Andrew Wall have contributed.
  • Presentations by the Sport and Recreation Services Directorate on Woden Athletics Track and swimming facilities in Woden Valley. (WVCC voiced its disappointment that the Government’s planning does not extend to the Phillip Pool and Ice-skating rink, which despite its long-term lease, is regarded as a purely private-sector venture).
  • Presentation from ACT Roads on bike path developments along Yamba Drive
  • Presentations on community security from ACT Policing
  • Presentations on developments proposed for the western side of the Town Centre, including the Tradies Club redevelopment and a presentation (by architect Peter Russell) on a proposed multi-storey carpark to the north of the Woden 9 site
  • ACT Health presented plans for the National Capital Private Hospital and for new health facilities in Garran
  • We also featured consultation-related presentations on the proposed Woden/Weston Creek Community Hub


  • WVCC has expressed its concern that the Woden Bus Interchange redevelopment is contingent upon commercial plans of Westfield. Minister Barr indicated (in September 2013) that particular attention will be paid to the need for the Mall-based connection between the Interchange and Bradley Street to remain open for commuters and others.
  • Improved communication and consultation with architects and developers. 
  • Active participation by WVCC in regular meetings of the Combined Community Councils
  • Regular attendance at meetings of the Planning and development Forum.
  • Regular briefing of the Chronicle’s excellent journalists, Meredith Clisby and, later, Emma Kelly – a number of articles were published during the year highlighting WVCC concerns.
  • A mailout advertising the AGM!

Representations and submissions

During the year (late 2012 to November 2013), the Council made submissions to ACTPLA on

  • The Tradies Redevelopment
  • Woden 9 Estate Development Plan (September 2013)
  • The estate development plan for the Woden Bus Interchange
  • The Hellenic Club proposed  car park development

We also wrote to

  • The Southern Cross Club objecting to the closure of Pitch and Putt and urging community consultation as it moved to redevelop the site.  (No response received)
  • Minister Joy Burch on the government’s plans for VET in Woden Valley (which appeared to include plans to close down the Woden site of CIT). We were pleased that Minister Burch has confirmed consultation with the Woden valley community on this issue.

All submissions and letters were posted to the WVCC website.


My thanks go to committee members Shirley Lithgow, Mike Reddy, Henry Hatch, Chris Erett, Martin Miller, Bill O’Brien and to Lance Williamson, our website developer.  It was a pleasure to welcome Ian Trewhella to the committee mid-2013.

The coming year …

  • We note our disappointment that ESDD seems to have deferred (indefinitely?) its master planning exercise incorporating Woden Town Centre, Athllon Drive corridor and Mawson Group Centre. We will continue to urge sensible planning of the WTC and the area to the south – including retaining and extending urban open space to the east of Athllon Drive.
  • We have continuing reservations about aspects of the Bus Interchange redevelopment – including the location of the bus layover, and the lack of Park and Ride facilities.
  • We desperately need new blood on the committee. At times during 2013, we were down to two or three people available to do the work.  Committee renewal will have to be one of our priorities for 2014.  WVCC will cease to exist without more volunteers.

Dr Jenny Stewart


6 November 2013

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