Community Path Upgrades Woden

Community path upgrade bannerAs part of the ongoing maintenance and upgrades of the shared path network in Canberra, Transport (formerly Territory) and Municipal services have identified areas in Woden for shared path improvements. This was announced as part of a $1.45 million upgrade package for suburbs across Canberra which include Manuka, Turner, Lyons, Phillip, Kambah, Belconnen, Lyneham, Fyshwick, Downer, Barton, Kingston, Chapman, Pialligo, Calwell, Waramanga, Hackett, Mawson and Acton.

Many of these paths are on the TAMS Community Path warrant list

Members of the community can request improvements to the existing community path and cycle lane network through the ACT Government’s web portal – Access Canberra, as a Fix My Street enquiry

The following areas in Woden receiving attention are:

Package A & B

Group 1:
2.01 – Hindmarsh Drive, Lyons, ACT – Installation of an off ramp from the Hindmarsh Drive on road cycle lane to the shared path.

WVCC comments: the installation of an off ramp provides no improved level of service for cyclists in the overall Woden context. If a cyclist on the on road cycle lane needs to exit onto the shared path this can be done at the Hindmarsh Drive – Melrose Drive intersection quite easily. A better solution is to improve the geometry of the shared path intersection coming out of the underpass from Chifley. This is narrow and has a poor left turn to go west along Hindmarsh Drive.

2.02 – Off-Corinna Street, Phillip, ACT – Installation of a path connection in the Betsy Gallagher Park which is behind 10 Corinna Street .

WVCC Comments: We note this is to formalise a desire line from the Woden Seniors Carpark to the path between buildings but the path will only be 1.5m. The path with should be rat the same width as the surrounding other shared paths which are at 2.4m. This will allow safe passing of pedestrians, mobility scooters and cyclists.

2.03 – Corinna Street, Lyons, ACT – Installation of a 1.5 metre path along the north side of Corinna St between Melrose Drive and Burnie Street in Lyons.

WVCC Comments: With the new intersections being installed along Melrose Dr and at the Corinna Street intersection, the signalised pedestrian crossing of Melrose Drive with be at the southern side of Corinna Street. Therefore a better alignment would be to have the path on the south side of Corinna Street linking up to Burnie Street.


Group 3:

4.02 – Launceston Street, Phillip, ACT – Installation of a 1.5m shared path from the intersection of Launceston Street and Callum Street along the southern side of Launceston Street to the Bowes Street.

WVCC Comments: A good link but would advocate for a wider path – 2.4m. This will allow safe passing of pedestrians, mobility scooters and cyclists.

Package C

Group 1:

2.01 – Beasley Street, Mawson, ACT – installation of a path connection from 195 Beasley Street to the Bus stop.

WVCC Comments: None.

Group 2:

3.01 – Glenorchy Street, Lyons, ACT – Installation of a 1.5m path along one side of the Glenorchy street from Launceston Street to Marrawah Street.

WVCC Comments: A street like many in Woden that doesn’t have shared/foot paths.

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