Development Application: 201527916 Address: 22 MARSHALL STREET, FARRER Block: 10 Section: 7

Applications Secretariat
Environment and Planning Directorate

Development Application: 201527916
Block: 10 Section: 7

Dear Applications Secretariat,

The Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) would like to register its objection to the proposed development application 201527916 Goodwin Aged Care redevelopment in

Farrer.  The proposal will see buildings ranging from five and six storeys in height which is out of character with the current neighbouring low scale dwellings. The current community facilities zone (CFZ) development code for which this site is located, recommends buildings heights if within 30 metres of a residential block, at two storeys and in other cases the lesser of four storeys or 15 metres.  This Goodwin proposed development is similar to an RZ5 development zone proposal which should be located closer to a rapid transport corridor and or near a major group centre.

There is no doubt the need for further residential aged care accommodation with more sites being released across the ACT but there also needs to be a diverse range of housing types. The Farrer proposal will see the removal of the townhouse style facilities for all apartments across the site. Aged care sites should offer a range of housing types that suit certain types of residents. Goodwin’s Monash site offers both townhouse dwellings and some apartments. The Hindmarsh Bellerive development in Lyons offers both styles of housing as well.

The WVCC would suggest that Goodwin redesign its proposal for this site that also includes townhouse style dwellings particularly in areas that the current design will overshadow RZ1 neighbouring suburban areas. Loss of amenity, views and overshadowing are all legitimate concerns for neighbouring residents and it is important that they are taken seriously when deciding on this development proposal.

The majority of Farrer residents would welcome a redevelopment of the aged care facility at Farrer with the opportunity of some elderly residents to down size and continue to live in their existing suburb, thus ageing in place.

While the WVCC believes that the community consultation by the proponent was adequate or similar to other development proposals it is quite clear that many neighbouring residents were not aware of the scale and size of the proposed redevelopment. A Farrer community consultation forum should have also been considered by the proponent. This would have allowed neighbouring residents a chance to be involved with the design of the redevelopment possibly addressing the issues faced now.

The WVCC is happy to be contacted further regarding the issues raised in this submission.

Yours Sincerely

Martin Miller WVCC President
5th August, 2015