Draft Variation 200

Draft Variation number 200 to The Territory Plan (DV 200) is possibly the most significant change to Canberra suburban lifestyle since the Plan’s introduction in 1983.[teaserbreak]

The background. Prior to the last ACT election, the ALP issued their “Planning and Land Management Policy for Canberra ” indicating that Neighbourhood Plans would be established “to set out planning rules for individual suburbs and identify where, and what sort of, development is and is not appropriate”. A Neighbourhood Plan would “set out where dual occupancy and multi unit development is appropriate…” The policy stated that “Labor will focus higher density residential development around our Town Centres and Group Centres”. Group Centres in Woden/Weston are Curtin, Mawson and Weston Creek. The Policy further stated that “Labor will also continue to support the establishment of higher density corridors of residential development along Intertown public transport routes”.

What are some DV 200 proposals. Under DV 200 any residential block of 700 square metres or more, in any suburb can be subjected to Dual Occupancy consideration. This effectively allows any residential blocks to be split down to 350 square metres.

In addition, under DV 200, multi unit development – eg 12 units on 3 former residential blocks – will be permitted, subject to conditions, within approximately 200 metres of all shopping centres, including your local shops.

If you are interested in these matters you can contact your MLA or the Minister for Planning; or you can read more about these proposed changes in PALM’s publication entitled “Preserving the Garden City”. Phone 62071926

The Woden Valley Community Council will be hosting a public meeting concerning the recent fires on Wednesday 2 April, (not 19 March) 7.30 pm in the Orpheus Room, Hellenic Club, where there will be guest speakers and information sharing about resident, recovery and enquiry issues.