DV325 Woden Bus Layover & WVCC Submission

Draft Variation to the Territory Plan Number 325 (DV325) is available for comment. Written comments about the draft variation are invited from the public by COB 28 May 2014.

DV325 allows for the development of a bus layover on the south eastern corner of block 13 section 23 Phillip by proposing to:

  • rezone the subject site from PRZ2 Restricted Access Recreation Zone to TSZ1 Transport Zone to allow a Public Transport Facility to be developed;
  • rezone block 14, section 23 Phillip from CZ2 Business Zone to PRZ2 Restricted Access Recreation Zone to ensure the viability of Phillip Oval;
  • vary the boundaries of the Public Land Overlay to reflect the new boundaries of Phillip Oval;
  • clarify the definition of Public Transport Facility to include ‘bus layover’ and ‘driver amenities’

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