Edison Park

First a reminder about two of our Council’s upcoming special events.

On 7 July, 7.30pm in the Aegean Room, upstairs at the Hellenic Club, Woden, we are hosting a special Public Forum on Canberra ‘s Social Plan with a broad range of community advocates. We hope to see many of you there.[teaserbreak]

WVCC’s Annual Art Show: “Woden – Up Close and Personal” will open on 30 July at the Woden Library. Details of the show including conditions of

entry and an entry form are available at the web-site

http://www.sutherland-studios.com.au/artshow/ or by phoning the convenor, Denise Sutherland on 6288-1418.

Now to a new community issue. Over the past year or so our Council has become increasingly concerned about the derelict state of the Eddison Park water feature. For a long time now it has been a dry mud feature! The ducks, gulls, water fowls and fish naturally disappear with the water.

Woden Town Centre does not have much in terms of water features, and it seems unfortunate that no solution has yet been found to this. We are informed that because drinking quality water was, in the past, used to keep the pond full, it can no longer be justified.

This may be so. There are however millions of litres of water that pass by relatively closely every time we have some reasonable rain. The two major concrete storm water ‘drains’ carry very considerable amounts of water; and it would not seem a difficult engineering task to divert a very small amount of that, and return pond overflow water back to the drains.

Our Council looks forward to consultation and a good community outcome on this matter.