Expanded Paid Parking Plan for the Phillip Service Trades Area

With the announcement of the 2015/16 Budget in June last year one of the proposals was to expand pay parking throughout the Phillip Business District.

Urban Renewal Program – Phillip trade service area parking management
The Government will introduce pay parking in the Phillip trade service area to better manage parking demand. This initiative will provide for new parking machines and signage, which will come into effect from July 2016.    Capital expenditure $419 000 – ACT Budget 2015/16

Parking machines have been in the Phillip Trades’ service area along Botany Street, Melrose Drive, Altree court and the Hindmarsh Drive slip lane for several years. The ACT Government proposes to extend parking machines throughout the area with a mix of short term and all day parking areas.
Paid Parking Plan

The ACT Government have set up a website for further information  which includes a question and answer response. They have sent also out a letter to Business owners and Woden residents (click to enlarge letter). There will also be two information sessions in the Woden library on Monday the 16th May between 12 noon and 1pm and between 5pm and 6pm.

The Phillip Business Community is holding a rally against the introduction of further paid parking on Thursday the 12th May at 5.00pm Dundas Court West.  A letter from Mr Robert Issell to the Chief Minister on behalf of the Phillip Business community can be viewed here.

The Woden Valley Community Council doesn’t support increasing parking fees and that any introduction of further pay parking areas, the parking revenue should be used to fund walking, cycling, street lighting, intersection upgrades and extra parking, where that revenue is generated. There is currently poor amenity within the Phillip Business area with narrow footpaths , poor crossing areas and the green spaces within the major court areas need upgrading. It is pleasing that the ACT Government has kept areas of free parking for up to 1 hour limit for short stay parking.
rally against paid parking 12th May

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