Inquiry into Draft Variation 345: Mawson Group Centre Precinct Code (DV345)

The Mawson Group Centre Precinct Code is an important document because it provides guidance on the desired built form and character of the centre as it develops into the future.

There were no changes to DV345 from the consultation undertaken in early 2017. The Minister has now referred DV345 to the Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal who are holding an Inquiry.

As the population grows,like the Woden and Curtin squares, it is important to have sun in the square for the future comfort of the public’s meeting places.

We will advocate to retain the one storey height (except the existing 2 storey on the northern square boundary) around the square for the retention of the sun. The WVCC will provide further information over the coming weeks.

  • area A: 4 storeys
  • area B – 6 storeys
  • area C – 8 storeys.
  • area D – 2 storeys –  may be increased to up to 4 storeys where development retains reasonable solar access to the adjoining public square to the east between the hours of 12pm to 2pm during 21 June (winter solstice).

Submissions close date 27 July 2018.

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