Loss of the dedicated bus lane on Adelaide Avenue and diminished safety for cyclists

Key points:

    • The removal of 1.3km of dedicated bus lane on Adelaide Avenue will increase public transport travel times from Woden and Tuggeranong as buses merge with peak hour traffic
    • Cyclists will be required to cross fast moving traffic on the arterial road diminishing safety
      The decision is at odds with ACT Government policy which seeks to increase both rapid bus patronage and active travel and reduce car use and emissions
    • The WVCC is concerned about the lack of consultation and asks the Government to discuss alternative options with the community
    • The WVCC appreciates the improved travel times for commuters from Weston Creek and Molonglo from a dedicated lane entering Adelaide Avenue from the Cotter Road, however we have some concerns.Adelaide Avenue is a major arterial road with a long standing dedicated bus lane providing rapid express services between Woden and the City.

The removal of 1.3km of the dedicated bus lane will force buses to merge with peak hour traffic leading to reduced reliability of travel times. This is at odds with the ACT Government’s 2018 Moving Canberra Transport policy and their Climate Change Strategy 2019-25 which seek to increase both public transport and active travel and reduce car use. After 2020, transport is expected to be the biggest contributor of emissions in the ACT.

We are deeply concerned about the safety of cyclists who will be required to cross the new dedicated lane that allows traffic to flow at higher speeds onto Adelaide Avenue. We support the concerns of Pedal Power ACT that little regard has been shown for active travellers.

The lack of consultation and transparency is also concerning. We ask the ACT Government to consult with the community about options to provide safe active travel paths to the City and about options to maintain the rapid transit lane from Woden to the City.

The 2019-20 bushfire season has highlighted the urgency of taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – this announcement appears to be a backward step in this regard.

The video link shows the effectiveness of the rapid transit lane on Adelaide Avenue, from the Cotter Road. https://www.facebook.com/WodenValleyCommunityCouncil/videos/2047455685286899/

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