New data shows 720 public service jobs lost from Woden since 2011

The loss of public service jobs in Woden is very disappointing.  Woden is Canberra’s first town centre, a social and economic hub.  What does it need to make it active, particularly past 5pm?

The original plans for Woden provided for the east west link to be the central community area.

  • Do you think co-locating activity in a central area would help?
  • What sort of social facilities should be co-located to bring activity?
  • A community/arts centre?
  • Would a CIT help bring young people and activity?

If Woden was funky and cool, perhaps the Public Service might be more interested in being located in Woden.

We encourage residents to comment on the issues Woden faces.

Read Canberra Times article …

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