Urban Renewal in the Woden Town Centre – Next Meeting 3 April

The next Woden Valley Community Council meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 3 April 2019 at the Woden Southern Cross Club. The meeting will start with updates from Murrumbidgee MLAs and Mr Alistair Coe, Leader of the ACT Liberal Party.

It is terrific news that the Woden Community Service has engaged a Community Development Officer to engage local community groups, individuals, businesses and organisations to help activate the Town Square. We will hear about potential activities so please get involved and help create a great public space in the middle of the Woden Town Centre.

The Suburban Land Agency (SLA) is responsible for urban renewal in Town Centre’s through the Land Release Program. Mr John Dietz, CEO of the SLA will provide an update about the Junction project (Strathgordon) in Lyons and other elements of the Land Release Program in the Town Centre.

The ACT Planning Directorate is responsible for other aspects of urban renewal and we will be updated on the demolition of the CIT site and the process for site selection and design requirements for a Community Centre.

These presentations are timely because on 27 March it was reported in the Canberra Times that the Government was focused on working with Woden businesses and landowners to plan for a future transformation of the district’s heart on the back of stage two of the light rail.

We encourage Woden residents to come along and participate in conversations about the issues facing Woden and its urban renewal.

For further information on Woden issues go to williamsonau.org and follow the WVCC on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Record of previous meetings
  3. Chair’s Report
  4. 5 minute update from MLAs
  • Mr Alistair Coe – Leader of the ACT Liberal Party
  1. Presentations – theme – Urban Renewal
    • Woden Community Service – Ms Kim Spinks and Ms Casey Armstrong
    • Woden Experiment
    • Suburban Land Agency – Mr John Dietz
    • The Junction, Lyons
    • Land Release Program in the Woden Town Centre
    • ACT Planning Directorate – Mr Rod Baxter
    • Woden CIT – demolition
    • Woden Community Centre – process for site selection and design requirements
  1. Other business

Next meeting of the WVCC — 7pm — Wednesday 1 May 2019


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