Agenda Next Meeting – 5 Jun

Take the opportunity to talk to Minister Fitzharris and Minister Steel at Woden’s public meeting

The next Woden Valley Community Council meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 5 June 2019 at the Woden Southern Cross Club. Minister Fitzharris and Minister Steel will attend to discuss Budget measures and issues within their portfolios that impact on residents living in the south of Canberra.

The Woden Town Centre provides significant services and facilities for multiple districts and we encourage residents from the south to come along and participate in conversations about the issues facing the Town Centre.

The Budget provides $3.5 million to design the light rail terminus on Callam St and link it with the Woden bus interchange. As you know, there are numerous issues around public transport with the delay of light rail and the new bus network. Minister Fitzharris is also responsible for health and we will be seeking updates on the plans for the hospital, the hydrotherapy pool and the CIT site opposite the hospital. Many members of the community are keen to use the CIT site for allied health and education and we are keen to hear your views about opportunities for the site. The WVCC would like to understand the options for the site before it is demolished.

The Budget also provides $1.75 million to plan and design a community facility. Woden Community Service will be the primary beneficiary of this facility due to the need to provide appropriate accommodation for the delivery of their vital community programs. We will also seek to ensure the facility meets the broader needs for the community for meeting rooms, the arts and events.

Funds will also be available for a significant upgrade of a playground in Torrens.


  1. 7pm Welcome and Apologies
  2. Record of previous meetings
  3. Chair’s Report
  • Budget announcements
    • $3.5 million to redesign the Woden interchange for trams
    • $1.75 million to plan and design a community facility
    • Torrens playground (part of $2 million for 5 playgrounds)
  1. Minister Fitzharris – responsibilities:
  • Transport – buses and light rail
  • Higher Education, Vocational Education and skills – CIT site near the hospital
  • Medical and Health Research – the hospital and the hydrotherapy pool
  • Health and Wellbeing
  1. Minister Steel – responsibilities:
  • City Services – dog parks, paths, horticultural maintenance
  • Community Services and Facilities – community centre
  • Roads – congested intersections
  • Multicultural Affairs
  1. Other business

Next meeting of the WVCC — 7pm — Wednesday 3 July 2019

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