Next Meeting – 6 Feb Residential towers and the heat island effect

The Woden Valley Community Council’s first public meeting for 2019 will be held on Wednesday 6 February. The residential towers are being designed, the sites are being prepared and construction is happening. In our commercial zones (CZ1 and CZ2) we now have 19 residential towers earmarked with many more to come. We will have a lot of pavement and not so much green space in these areas so what will that mean for the ‘heat island effect’?

The Environment Directorate will explain the citizen scientist research project being undertaken by the RMIT on 9 February 2019 at the Woden Town Centre. The project involves members of the community performing outdoor measurements (temperature, humidity, wind speed etc). The data gathered will contribute to an evidence base required to understand, mitigate and adapt to extreme heat and for policy makers to plan the urban built environment and open spaces.  It will be interesting to see what the data tells us about Woden.

We will receive an update on the proposed 25 storey towers (N12) on Easty Street. There is currently a petition on the Legislative Assembly web site which draws to the attention of the Assembly that the Phillip Precinct Code permits developments of inappropriate scale on the N12 site. If you are interested in signing the petition please go to

On a more positive note, City Services will provide an update on the nature play project in Eddison Park,  planning for playspaces in Torrens and the delivery of playspaces in Farrer. They will also present the designs for the new bus depot in Phillip which will provide jobs and support small business.

For further information on Woden issues go to and follow the WVCC on Facebook and Instagram.

PS – for all the scooter riders out there – the ACT and Regions Scooter Titles will be held on 16 February 2019 at the Woden Skate Park. Register at

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