Next Meeting – 7 Oct 20

Venue – Southern Cross Club, Woden

Timings: 7pm to 9 pm

Our agenda

  1. Special address
    Jeremy Hanson – What will the Canberra Liberals do for Woden Valley?

If you haven’t already voted – or even if you have – come along and hear Jeremy Hanson, the Liberals’ lead candidate in the Murrumbidgee electorate, address this question.

We are expecting a wide-ranging talk and discussion, in which Jeremy will cover local policies, but also city-wide issues and priorities. There will be plenty of time for questions from the floor, so come along and take part in the continuing story of our local democracy in action.

  1. Community Consultation – Presentations on pre-Development Applications
    There has been a rush of recent development applications in Woden in recent months – we are struggling to keep up with all of them! Pre DA consultations are particularly important, as they give the community a chance to communicate its values to developers.

We have decided to focus on two key initiatives which will affect the look and feel of the western side of the Town Centre (adjacent to Melrose Drive) for many years to come.

    • Doma group development section 2 block 180 (corner of Furzer and Corinna Streets; many will know the site as the former carpark south of Aviation House)
      Doma has been working hard on its approach to this site. Architect Marcus Graham will be presenting the latest details of the scheme. Come and have your say!
    • Zapari mixed use development Blocks 4, 5 and 7 section 12 (the old GIO site on the corner of Corinna and Furzer Streets)
      Zapari has ambitious plans for this site, which will include a hotel and apartments. Canberra Town Planning will present the developer’s current thinking on this ‘gateway’ site.
  1. President and committee reports

WVCC President Dr Jenny Stewart will cover recent media and committee activities. We expect to have responses to plans for social housing on the former Strathgordon site (on the western side of Melrose Drive, on the corner of Hindmarsh drive), and on plans by Intellectual Property Group for a 4-storey development in Botany Street, Phillip.

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