7 April 2021 Public Meeting – the new Woden bus interchange

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The next WVCC public meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 7 April 2020 at the Woden Southern Cross Club.

The focus of the meeting will be on the Woden Bus Interchange. It is not to prosecute the pros and cons of light rail; however, we are interested in discussing the benefits of the bus interchange and whether the proposed design best meets the needs of the community.

Woden is a destination, a contemporary urban hub, not just a transit hub.

It is important that the interchange is integrated into the town centre to connect us to jobs, services and activities (particularly at street level) that support small business and social interaction.

Community feedback included:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Tress, green space and landscaping Accessibility (distance from Westfield – disability, elderly)
  • Safety and lighting
  • Closure of Callam St increasing traffic on nearby roads.

The effectiveness of the bus interchange influences patronage and therefore impacts on traffic congestion around the town centre and our quality of life.

We are looking forward to hearing your views about the proposed bus interchange.

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