AGENDA – meeting of the WVCC—Wednesday, 2 May


  1. Welcome and Apologies;
  2. Record of meeting held on the 4 April 2018;
  3. Chair’s Report;
  4. Presentations;
    • Community;
  • Mural on Melrose Drive;
  • Federal Electoral boundaries – submission close 4 May 2018;
  • Nature In Our City -8 June 2018;
    • Development;
  • Alexander and Albemarle development – Mr David Carey, Doma Group;
  • Curtin Master Plan – submissions close 6 June 2018 – Mr Chris Johnson;
  • DA for Hughes – Section 66 – submissions close 18 May 2018;
  • Inquiries into Development Applications Processes – submissions due 1 June 18.
  1. 5 minute update from MLAs.
  2. Other business.

Meetings at Southern Cross Club  92-96 Corinna St Phillip ACT 2606 Australia starting 7pm.

Next meeting of the WVCC — 7pm — Wednesday 6 June 2018

One Comment

  1. Could the agenda please include an item about the government decision on the suboptimal (for Woden residents) routing of light rail stage 2?

    From the Chair:
    Thank you for your question Justin. Transport Canberra is expected to present to the Woden community at either the June or July public meeting. We will have a ‘transport’ theme meeting that will include:
    • the new bus rapid timetable
    • the upgrade of the bus interchange
    • the new bus depot that will house 200 electric buses
    • an update on light rail stage 2
    In the mean time, it would be very handy to have a conversation on the web site about the issue.
    Please come along to our public meetings because the issues is often raised and there was some information about the alignment at the last meeting.
    The WVCC submission to the consultation is on the Transport Canberra web site and on this web site.
    I hope everyone can come along with their questions about these issues.

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