Papers for AGM & meeting of the WVCC—Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

Next meeting of the WVCC—Wednesday, 2nd November 2016  at – Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden will imclude the AGM.

This month’s agenda includes the AGM, a presentation by the Amalgamated Property Group about the proposed Irving Street Residential Development and (TBC) a presentation by Stewart Architecture about a proposed Residential Development for Woden ( 59 Townhouses) for public consultation.

Nominations are open for all positions on the Committee.

If you would like to nominate, please fill in and bring the attached form to the AGM or alternatively, if you cannot attend the AGM but still wish to nominate, email a scanned copy of the form to the WVCC secretary.

Click for the draft record of the AGM held last year on 7 October 2015 together with draft records of last months WVCC meeting held as a Murrumbidgee Candidates Forum on 5 October 2016 ahead of the ACT Election which took place on 15 October.

Annual General Meeting

1. 7.30pm – Welcome and Apologies
2. Record of last AGM Meeting held on the 7th October 2015
3. Chair and Treasurer’s Reports
4. Presentation of Funds to Curtin Residents Association (CRA) & Farrer Residents Association (FRA)
5. Election of WVCC Office Bearers and Committee Members for 2016-2017
6. 8.00pm – Irving Street Proposed Residential Development – Michael D’Elboux, Development Manager, Amalgamated Property Group
7. (TBC) Proposed Residential Development – 59 Townhouses (Woden) – Stewart Architecture
8. General business and any other business
Next meeting of the WVCC—Wednesday, 7th December 2016 at 7.30pm – Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden

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