Next meeting of the WVCC—Wednesday, 4 July – Changes to the bus network and light rail

Next meeting of the WVCC—Wednesday, 4 July at 7.00pm – Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden

he Woden Valley Community Council’s (WVCC) next public meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday 4 July 2018 at the Southern Cross Club. The ACT Government will discuss the new rapid bus network and update us on light rail.

The new timetable for the bus network, to be implemented early 2019, will provide services later in the evening and more regularly on the weekends. However, during the morning peak there will be fewer services from Woden to the City, where buses from the south will terminate, and services from the suburbs in Weston Creek and Tuggeranong will no longer go to Woden.

  • There will also be an update about light rail.
  • Woden is changing, particularly from densification.
  • Hindmarsh will discuss their new proposal to develop the block behind the police station with 2 x 27 and 2 x 10 stories.

While the Government prefers to develop Canberra on the concept of the 30 minute city, rather than the National Capital Plan’s relatively self-contained town centres, the WVCC requests that facilities are provided in Woden to attract people to the town centre and create a place where people want to be.


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Record of meeting held on the 6 June 2018
  3. Chair’s Report
  4. Presentations
    • Development
  • Hindmarsh developments on blocks behind the police station
    • section 81 block 13 (marker buildings) and section 156 block 17 Phillip.
  • Southlands – submissions close 27 July 2018
    • Public transport
  • Rapid bus timetable
  • Light rail update
  1. 5 minute update from MLAs
  2. Other business

Next meeting of the WVCC — 7pm — Wednesday 1 August 2018

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