Objection to DA 201017864 S144B Amendment Block 54 and Block 84 Section 8 Phillip

Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) lodged an objection to the original DA, however we were not able to provide specific details of that objection as ACTPLA’s website was down on the last day for lodging objections and it was also down the next morning. We did, however, lodge an objection within the timeframe and flag that we would provide more details once the website was reinstated. We received advice that, despite the technical difficulties at ACTPLA’s end of the process, our objection would not be counted as it did not meet the deadline requirements. Our argument that we had lodged an objection prior to the deadline was not accepted despite flagging we would provide details as soon as the website was restored. We were told our objection could not be accepted as there were no specific details of the objection prior to the cut off time. We were very concerned with this decision given that we are aware that extensions of time have been provided in other instances to some objectors. It is particularly concerning given that the proposed development will have such significant effect on the people in the Town Centre.
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