Petition – Investment in a Multi-Purpose Sports Stadium in Woden

Dear resident

We are seeking your help to collect signatures for our petition for a multi-purpose sports stadium in Woden. You can sign the e-petition through this link



To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory.

This petition of residents of the Australian Capital Territory draws to the attention of the Assembly that the ACT’s increasing population has a severe shortage of indoor sports facilities (exacerbated by the closure of Woden’s basketball stadium) leading to teams turning players away.

Recreation facilities provide many benefits to communities by bringing people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds together to socialise and keep fit. In addition to the physical and mental health outcomes, they can inspire and motivate people while fostering community pride.

A centrally located facility in Woden is accessible by public transport and would attract people to the centre to connect to the community and support small business in the area.

Your petitioners therefore request the Assembly to:

  •  build and own a multi-purpose indoor sports stadium in the Woden Town Centre that can be hired at a reasonable cost by local community sports groups.

Another way to access the e-petition is through the following QR code.
When you reach the e-petition:

  • Press ‘yes’
  • Accept the conditions of use
  • enter your details

Thank you – Fiona Carrick, President, Woden Valley Community Council



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