“Petition – Reduce N12 and N10 building heights and preserve all existing open green space in Arabanoo Park

Please support members of our community who will be impacted by the overwhelming scale of the N12 (Block 13 Section 81) development on the corner of Easty and Wilbow Streets in Phillip at https://epetitions.act.gov.au/CurrentEPetitions.aspx (petition number 025-18).

The community is seeking for the construction to be reduced in height so that it becomes congruous with the established built and natural environs.In addition to the impact of the N12 development, the N10 site (Block 17 Section 156) opposite N12 has been retrospectively rezoned from RZ4 (medium density residential zone) to CZ2 (major centres business zone) after local residents bought into adjacent RZ4 developments (Avoca and Wilara), and parts of Arabanoo Park’s open green space (situated between N12 and the Callum Offices) will be built on—when the Woden Town Centre’s precious open green space should be preserved and rehabilitated not reduced!


  1. The ACT Planning Minister is by constantly rezoning areas of Woden that allow “N12” type development the outcome is massive Unit/Accommodation dentistry to that of large cities. This poor consideration by the Planning Minister for those of us who chose Woden for its open green areas, minimal housing and traffic congestion have witnessed a gradual loss of the aspects. You don’t have to be educated in the finer points of good town planning to realise that this progressive build up in unit development is increasing at a rate not conducive to quality town planning. The unit development is at a cost to increased traffic congestion and this same traffic/road infrastructure is fixed and impossible to improve with wider roads etc. It is ridiculous to think with the build-up in units in Woden the Light Rail will fix the problem of car users leaving the car in the carpark and catching the Light Rail! With this massive buildup in unit development in Woden certainly suggests Woden won’t be a good suburb to live. One has to be sceptical about this crazy high rise unit concept where everyone wants to live in these and will accept a lifestyle as Dick Smith suggests that it is producing humans not unlike termites living in towers with no space of their own. All this unit development around Woden will in future produce a suburb that will be unliveable. Future rate payers will need to fund significant wind-back corrections. A quick tally of what are the current unit numbers, those being built and what is planned in Woden will be a future town centre like some of the world’s most built-up and congested cities – NOT GOOD! RETHINK THIS STUPID PLANNING MINISTER, BECAUSE ONE HAS TO BELIEVE THERE IS A MOTIVE THAT IS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF RESIDENTS OR FUTURE PLANNING!

  2. These building/s at this height are obviously not suitable for this (or any other) area in the Woden Valley. I am at a loss to understand why anyone should think they are. Surely it is not inconceivable that our elected representatives are able to discern this, without the need for a petition.

  3. We live in 1 Surprize place and join with others who have purchased property knowing the building height was 3 stories in this area. We did not want or expect to live in an area surrounded by malty storied buildings shading out every one’s view’s and sun.

    WE SAY NO to the changes and will vote against a government that thinks it can think for the people and please a FEW ….
    KEN &JEN Thiele

  4. What a ridiculous and incomprehensible proposal to want to erect ugly “chimney stack” like buildings on this site. The proposal is totally out of place in a park like setting. in fact, such building heights would seem to be out of place anywhere in Canberra. Who,in their right mind, would want to live in an apartment on the eastern side which has a splendid view of the pretty Canberra Cemetery, or views from the western side into the back yard of the police station and the multi-storey carparks adjacent to the Woden Shopping Centre. I don’t live in the immediate area but regularly walk from my home through Eddison Park and along Easty and Wilbow Streets. I oppose this proposal.

    John Howden

  5. I wonder if politicians are REALLY in this for the benefit of voters who live in the Woden Valley, or if there is a darker, more sinister, reason for them to approve (or consider approving) monstrosities like these! Are they receiving (or been offered) kickbacks to agree to these?
    NO! We love the Woden Valley, and we DON’T want any such high rise here! The Southern Cross high rise accommodation building is bad enough without adding insult to injury!!

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