PHILLIP Development Application: 201120399 Address: NO ADDRESS Block: 25 Section: 158

Proposal: S197 AMENDMENT – Amendments include: 1. Schedule updated to reflect unit distribution and layouts. 2. Communal open space relocated. 3. Basement carparks extended to increase parking alocation numbers. 4. Plant/Store areas added. 5. Stair cores rotated and realigned. 6. Additional accessable car spaces deleted not required. 7. Elevational treatment changed to reflect new internal layouts. 8. Drawings updated to reflect changes in plans, stair realignments,and elevational treatment to reflect internal unit changes. 9. Drawing updated to reflect elevational changes in colours and material finishes. 10. adaptable unit internal layout changed. 11. roof openings removed. Period for representations closes: 27/02/2013

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