Proposal to relocate Reid CIT to Woden

On 6 June 2019 the ACT Government announced a scoping study to relocate the Reid CIT. The scoping study will look at sites in the centre of Woden.

The link to the media release is:

Benefits of Vocational Education

Vocational education is important to developing contemporary practical skills and real world experience for our students and our employers. Its aim is to optimise learning and professional development opportunities which are currently limited in the south of Canberra. Employers rely on the CIT to provide essential skills and knowledge to apprentices and existing workers.

A great education and the life chances which flow from it will help achieve the best future for residents of all ages and all abilities in our community.  It embraces diversity where a sense of belonging can be fostered in a learning environment.

Why Woden

Woden is an ideal location for a CIT as it is centrally located and on the north south and east west public transport alignment making it accessible to communities across Canberra.

Co-locating vocational education with the significant employment base in the heart of the Woden Town Centre, and the Phillip Business district, will provide students access to a large number of employers including business, IT, finance, HR, legal, the arts, beauty and hospitality. It would also be located close to the Canberra College and the Canberra Hospital.

Woden Town Centre has been identified for higher density living and a CIT contributes to creating a contemporary urban precinct that will promote physical health, improve mental health, grow personal development, strengthen our communities and grow the economy in Canberra’s south. It will provide jobs and activity in the centre of Woden which will provide flow on benefits to small business.

Locating facilities in the town centres provides wider economic benefits by bringing people together which reduces social isolation and supports the objective of liveable cities.

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