Proposed major changes to planning in the ACT – Draft Variation No. 303 to the Territory Plan

The Woden Valley Community Council, which believes well-considered neighbourhood plans are essential in achieving the best redevelopment outcomes, has called for the Draft Variation 303 to be withdrawn.


The WVCC opposes the proposed changes that would:

  • increase plot ratios;
  • reduce setback rules;
  • reduce private and community open space;
  • reduce minimum block size for standard single dwelling blocks and for multi unit development;
  • permit secondary dwellings in backyards where none were previously allowed;
  • remove the existing provisions for public notification for lease variations and certain other types of development, thereby removing residents’ rights to object and appeal against developments; and
  • not ensure minimum passive solar provisions for living areas as is currently mandated.

WVCC Submission

WVCC Letter to the Planning Minister and Response

WVCC Media Release

Further information on Draft Variation 303, including copies of public submissions, is available on the ACTPLA website.

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