Reconsideration of the expansion of the Woden Cemetery into Eddison Park

The Woden Valley Community Council is very happy to inform you that the Inquiry into the Management of ACT Cemeteries recommended reconsideration of the extension of the Woden Cemetery into Eddison Park.

We thank everyone in the community that attended the WVCC public meeting and let their views be known and those who provided a submission to the Inquiry.

We also thank the Committee for listening to the views of the community.

We now hope that the Legislative Assembly commits to funding the Southern Memorial.

Please see media release here.

Please see the Report here.

RECOMMENDATION 5 – The Committee recommends the Government reconsiders the planned extension of the Woden Cemetery in light of changes in planning for the Woden Town Centre and the views held by the local community.

RECOMMENDATION 6 – The Committee recommends that the Government agree to proceed with the current plans for the Southern Memorial Park and work with the ACT Cemeteries Authority to establish the facility as a matter of urgent priority.

Please come to our public meeting on Wednesday 6 December 2017 to discuss the Arts and events in Woden with Minister Ramsay. We will also discuss current planning matters in Woden.


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