Section 66 Deakin  – 117 Kent St Deakin

Hindmarsh has lodged a Development Application to construct multi storey storage facilities on this site.

The scale of the proposal is inappropriate. It would cover the entire site in buildings and car parks and add to the water run off and heat island effect. It is a significant increase in the area of buildings allowed by the current lease.

The impact of covering the entire site with concrete will be the removal of the flora and fauna. There needs to be consideration of the yellow box and red gum woodland and the homes and food of many animals. There needs to be a balance between buildings and the environment in any development on this site.

On 25 October last year, the Legislative Assembly passed a motion calling for the ACT Government not to proceed with Territory Plan Variations for Section 66 Deakin (Kent Street) and the Federal Golf Course until an Integrated Plan was developed to protect Red Hill Nature Reserve and surrounds.

S66 is explicitly included in the Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and environs and this Plan should be finalised prior to any development being considered on the site.

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