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The Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal is seeking your views on the planning for Southlands – DV345 – Submissions close on 27 July 2017

Similar to the Curtin shops, planning for Southlands will allow 4 storeys on the west side of the square causing greater overshadowing than we currently have.

While we appreciate the benefits of densification, there is a balance between development and the needs of the community. The WVCC believes that the small square is public amenity that should be protected for a more vibrant meeting place in the future.




Key Points for an email to the Committee

  • retain the existing low-scale (1 and 2 storey) building heights around the central courtyard to preserve the human scale and solar access to the square;
  • measure surrounding buildings in metres with a maximum of 18 metres (6 storeys)
  • retain the surface carparks (southern and eastern next to the newsagent) because parking availability is central to the centre’s convenience and function;
  • retain the park n ride site because it is critical for many of the public transport users to access public transport and jobs and services;
  • identify walking and cycling connections; and
  • identify open spaces within the centre
Existing zones – click to enlarge
Proposed Zone – click to enlarge

DV345 rezones several areas:

  • Athllon Drive will be rezoned from suburban core residential and road reserve to high density residential and urban open space. The rezoning will increase the area of urban open space and ensure the existing shared path connecting Mawson to Woden town centre is retained.
  • the CZ3 services zone between Mawson Place and Athllon Drive to CZ2 business zone,
  • the public carpark south of Mawson Place from PRZ1 urban open space to CZ3 services zone







It is a long process to change zoning but this is where we are up to for the Mawson Group Centre:

  • In November 2015 the Mawson Group Centre Master Plan was released
  • In March 2017 the draft variation (DV345) to the Territory Plan (to include zoning recommendations from the Master Plan) was released
  • In May 2018 Minister Gentleman referred DV345 to the Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal (the Committee) for Inquiry
  • On 27 July 2018 submissions to the Committee close
  • The Committee will provide recommendations
  • The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate will consider the recommendations and make their own recommendation about the DV345 to the Minister.