The Melrose – opposite A&A

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This 10 storey (90 apartments) development is the first of 4 towers – 480 apartments in 3 residential towers and 1 commercial tower. The lease requires the provision of 5 community housing dwellings, 10 public housing dwellings and 74 affordable homes. While the affordable homes are required to be provided within the 4 towers, it has been proposed that they are all located in 1 tower.

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The primary concern for this development is the lack of parking and air conditioning. There are 12 car parks provided for the public housing and community housing apartments however no car parks have been provided for the affordable housing dwellings. The DA is not clear on the arrangements to enable the apartments to be affordable in the market however it appears that reducing costs by eliminating underground parking and air-conditioning reduces the cost of the build.

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