The National Capital Plan

The National Capital Plan (the Plan) is the strategic plan for Canberra and the Territory. It ensures that ‘Canberra and the Territory are planned and developed in accordance with their national significance.‘ The key matters of national significance include:

Canberra’s Urban Hierarchy

One of the key principles of Canberra’s urban structure has been that a hierarchy of centres has been developed, with each town having a centre acting as a focal point for higher order retail functions, commercial services, offices and community facilities … continued expansion of services and facilities should be provided for and encouraged in each of the town centres. It should be noted that the Woden Town Centre services multiple districts.

Although each town centre is different, the question is, what planning is in place to ensure each town centre has the public spaces and government funded facilities to thrive?

With respect to employment, the National Capital Plan states that public sector office employment should be encouraged to locate in the City Centre and the Town Centres. The WVCC contends that community facilities and services should also be located in the town centres to create activity.

The National Capital Plan can be found at

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