Woden 9 concept planning

Woden 9 Concept

Over the next 5–10 years, the western side of the Woden Town Centre will be the focus of intensive planning. At the WVCC meeting on 2 March, Ian Wood-Bradley and Chris Millman from the Land Development Agency (LDA) outlined concept planning for section 9 on the western side of the Woden Town Centre—currently carparks in front of Aviation House.


WodenIt was envisaged future development would comprise two towers, one 20 storeys high, the other 28 storeys as well as lower-scale buildings. Such a development would provide around 600 dwellings. The displaced car parking would be accommodated on nearby secton 3.

LDA will present more developed plans for section 9, Woden to the WVCC at its 6 April meeting.


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Update of 15 March 2012

The slides presented to the meeting are available here »… (note 6mb file)

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