Woden Town Centre Master Planning Process

Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) is about to have it’s second AGM.

Over the last two years much has happened both in Canberra and in Woden. A change of Territory Government brought with it a very ambitious agenda for change and community consultation. There have been Neighbourhood Plans, Spatial Plans, Social Plans, Economic Plans, Cultural Plans, Electoral Boundaries Review, MLA Terms of Office Review, Rates and Land Tax Review, ACT Greenhouse Strategy Review, DV 200 Review, HQSD Review, Bushfire Recovery Taskforce, Non-Urban Study, Population Studies, Transport Study, Housing Affordability Study, Community Planning Forums, Environment ACT Forums, McLeod Report, change from PALM to ACTPLA and new AAT arrangements to name a few.[teaserbreak]

At our local level a review of the Woden Town Centre Master Plan has also involved WVCC in extensive consultations on issues relating to demographic, employment, community facilities, public transport, traffic, pedestrian and bicycle, parking, residential infill, sport, recreation, landscape design and street layout matters.

These ACT and local issues have involved WVCC in hundreds of requests for consultation and submissions on a very broad range of issues. We have been fortunate in having an executive with a broad range of interests and who collectively have volunteered many thousands of hours in responding to ACT Government requests and in attempting to be effective advocates of community concerns.

At our AGM on Wednesday 1 October 2003 7.30pm at the Hellenic Club (Orpheus Room) Woden we hope many of you will join us in a relaxed atmosphere to reflect on the year past and the challenges facing Woden in the one ahead. Betsy Gallagher, Director of Woden Community Service, will, as our guest speaker, talk about some of these challenges.

Please come, maybe join our executive and help us continue to be effective advocates of community concerns.