Woden Valley ‘s Phillip Oval

The Woden Valley Community Council welcomes Planning Minister Simon Corbell’s announcement that Football Park – Phillip Oval – will remain as a full-size Australian Rules playing surface. We have reflected community opinion that ACTAFL not be permitted to profiteer by ‘selling’ the concessional lease – which they have enjoyed for many years – to private interests. Rather, if they wish to relinquish the lease, it must be returned to the ACT Government with an objective assessment of fair and reasonable compensation for the value of the improvements.


•  the Oval provides a good central location which is readily accessible from any part of the city by both private and public transport.

•  residential infill occuring around Woden will also increase walking patronage to this oval; while it’s night lighting can be retained.

•  it has very good vehicle parking availability – especially on weekends.

•  it has good provision for bus layover facilities for private buses. (In this context it is noted that the ACT government and the ACT tourism industry are actively encouraging bus loads of people from interstate to attend ACT events.)

•  it has extensive supporting infrastructure, being part of the Woden Town Centre.

•  it is close to major club and motel facilities.

•  Woden is geographically central in Canberra , and with possible infill occurring in some of the fire-affected areas, this centrality would increase. (In Melbourne , three major AFL facilities are within walking distance of the CBD.)

•  Phillip Oval is clearly the best located sporting venue in the ACT.

We accept that there is room for improvement and development and believe this should be in the context of a sub-Master Plan for this northern Entertainment and Recreation area of the Woden Town Centre, and not on any ad hoc basis.

The Woden Valley Community Council will be hosting a public meeting upstairs at the Hellenic Club Woden, starting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 3 rd of September 2003 on the recently released report by the Non-Urban Study Team chaired by Sandy Holloway. Issues to be discussed will include ACT Forests and Plantation Industry; Tourism Opportunities; Rural Settlements and Villages; and Reducing Fire Risk. All welcome.