Woden’s Renewal – Light Rail is coming to Woden!

Light Rail is coming to Woden!

Transport Canberra will provide an update on stage 2 – City to Woden – at the Woden Valley Community Council (WVCC) public meeting on 3 May 2017 at 7.30 pm at the Southern Cross Club Woden.

Current town planning principles include both transport and land use planning so it is timely that the light rail is being planned at the same time as there is consideration of the draft Variations to the Territory Plan (Precinct Codes) for Woden and Mawson.

Woden has a great future. The policy intent of Town Centres under the National Capital Plan is that they will be relatively self-contained and act as a focal point for employment, retail functions, commercial services and community facilities. Similarly, the Territory Plan provides for towns that will offer a diversity of housing types, employment opportunities, access to retail centres, community facilities and open space.

The WVCC supports the Government’s policy to densify town centres and transport corridors. In doing this, planning must provide for the needs of the community to enable them to live, work, learn and play in the Town Centre.

We welcome development and the associated community facilities that a growing community will require. Fundamental community assets that Woden needs to achieve its vision include; a community centre, a CIT, a multi-purpose sports hall and a publicly funded swimming pool. Planning will also need to include consideration of open spaces and active living principles, for example the alignment of cycle networks.

The renewal of Woden provides the opportunity to plan for the future to ensure that Woden becomes a vibrant Town Centre where people choose to live.

The WVCC is pleased to participate in the Chief Minister’s vision for Canberra, as stated in his document – CANBERRA: A statement of ambition:

‘One of the world’s most liveable and competitive cities – welcoming to all.

As a government and as a community, we must build on that feeling, and create that future, together’.

Cities don’t succeed by accident or by leaving things to chance – they require design, good governance and great collaboration. Cities must internally collaborate to compete in the modern era, and together we can ensure Canberra wins the global contest for investment and talent’.

The WVCC looks forward to collaborating with the ACT Government to ensure good governance that coordinates planning for the agglomeration of facilities and activity to ensure great outcomes for Woden.

Please choose to engage with the community and come along to our public meeting and discuss the light rail and community facilities required to ensure its success.

For further information on Woden issues please go to the WVCC website at williamsonau.org and follow the Woden Valley Community Council Facebook page. You can also follow us on twitter at @WVCC_Inc.

Fiona Carrick


Woden Valley Community Council

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