Woden’s wasteland: community push to end urban decay

Woden Valley Community Council president Fiona Carrick said after seven years of vacancy something needed to be done about the two buildings. Photo: Jay Cronan

The Alexander and Albemarle buildings have sat vacant for seven years awaiting demolition and the Woden community is sick of living with the decaying derelict sites.

Shattered glass windows, boarded up doors and sprawling graffiti juxtapose the sleek and polished exteriors of the plaza and fresher-faced buildings in the town centre.

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  1. While the buildings may be vacant, the park between them is also fenced off – surely this can be opened up? Its the only bit of thriving greenery around, and the benches to sit in the cool shade are inaccessible. Good secure hoardings around the buildings(with some great street art murals on them) would be a great investment. It would make a huge difference to the area.

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