WOVA development of the Tradies site

WOVA – submissions close 31 May 2018

Geocon will construct 4 residential towers (1×10, 2×16, 1×24 storeys) on the Tradies site, opposite Bellerive Retirement Village.

Please send an email to EPDCustomerservices@act.gov.au by 31 May 2018

For example

To whom it may concern

I am emailing to object to the size and the scale of the WOVA development because the buildings will overwhelm the character of the surrounding streetscape.  I am concerned about the impact overshadowing will have on Bellerive residents and their public amenity. I understand that traffic modellings has highlighted that there will be increased congestion at the Melrose Drive /Launceston St intersections and that there are safety issues at the Furzer St/ Launceston St intersection which will require signalisation of the intersection.

I request that you amend the Phillip Precinct Code for the Tradies site to:

·         position the buildings so that shadowing is over the structured carpark to the south of the Tradies site and not over the residents in the Bellerive Retirement Village.

·         reduce the building heights (maximum 48m) and the number of buildings to reduce the scale and overshadowing.


While we appreciate that population growth is leading to densification in our town centres, tall developments should be judiciously placed to minimise the impacts of scale and overshadowing on residents and public spaces.

Bellerive has proposed the tall building be located differently on the site so the structured carpark to the south is overshadowed as opposed to the residents of Bellerive. This proposal does not appear to have been considered by Geocon.

It is important that the community sends emails to let the government know their concerns, for example, issues you may consider objecting to inlcude:

  • Height and scale – the 24 storey building runs down Melrose Drive from the Launceston St intersection to the structured carpark, it is not slender and creates maximum overshadowing of Bellerive.
  • Impact of overshadowing in winter – it is important to access the sun in winter, particularly the morning sun for health and well being. The WOVA development unnecessarily overshadows the Bellerive Retirement Village from first light to around 10.40am. The complex is not only impacted in the depths of winter but also in spring and autumn. We should be looking after the comfort of our elderly residents and not plunging them into cold shadows in Canberra’s climate.
  • Density of proposal – the site is very dense with 798 apartments and 12 commercial tenancies on the almost 1.2 hectare site. This leaves little room between buildings which are likely to be shaded, paved, windy and with little green spaces. It is not clear how noise mitigation and privacy issues will be managed.
  • Traffic congestion – congestion on the Melrose Drive / Launceston St  will intensify and there are safety issues at the Furzer St / Launceston St intersection.

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