WVCC SWOT Exercise

The WVCC is undertaking a SWOT analysis for the Woden Town Centre precinct. We want to hear your views and ideas about the whole Woden Town Centre precinct which includes the hospital and perhaps the Garran Primary School, including the:

  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • opportunities
  • threats

Listen to this audio:
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You can

  • leave a comment here
  • send an email to info@williamsonau.org
  • leave comments on Facebook or Instagram
  • come to Woden’s public meetings on the first Wednesday of each month

Be ambitious!

One Comment

  1. I note with interest your article in this weeks Canberra Chronicle on page 3 ! I am alarmed by the number of apartments that are planned to be built in the WODEN Precinct ! In one block alone it is proposed to build 480 apartments on the car park north of the Library, then another 492 on the old Strathgordon site, but then on a site near Brewer Street a further 600 apartments are to be built in the tallest building in Woden ! But then I read on and see that it is proposed to build over 20 residential towers comprising 5000 apartments to house around 10,000 people ! Where do you expect these people to shop, be educated, see Doctors and receive hospital care let alone drive walk or play ? I also note that in the building on the old bus/police site you plan an indoor sports centre and one wonders about a pool or more than that a HYDROTHERAPY POOL that we have just lost in Woden ? I had hopes that a HYDROTHERAPY POOL could be built on the OLD CIT site but that now seems out of the question ? However I would like to see more support coming from WVCC for the ageing members of this area and the south of Canberra to get a replacement HYDROTHERPY built ASAP in this area ! I look forward to your response and support as we the ageing are being forgotten in this governments and it appears your plans !

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